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Axure iOS8 – iPhone 6 Widget Library

axure-ios-8-libraryOur previous iOS library needed an update as the new iOS 8 was launched a couple of months ago. Even though Apple’s recently released iOS 8 looks exactly the same as iOS 7 from the design perspective, there are some significant new features and UI tweaks that make it much more user-friendly.

So we updated our library with 5 new widgets: an interactive new mail entry widget, an interactive record audio widget, the mic icon, and two speech bubbles whose width can be increased/decreased.

Also our previous package included the Helvetica Neue Light and and Ultra Light fonts. Now we added 2 more, the Helvetica Neue Regular and Bold, the reason being that the new iOS8 has thicker fonts than what we have been used to in iOS7.

The library is created from scratch, shape by shape, using the swatches from the new iOS8. For an UX designer, this library may come in very handy and we will offer support to everybody who is prototyping app interfaces for iPhones.

This library includes 56 UI elements, all having the exact dimensions and colors defined by Apple’s guidelines. The package also includes the Helvetica Neue Light, Ultra Light, Regular and Bold fonts.

The widgets are in retina resolution, basically they are twice the size because working on mobile apps is hard if you always have to zoom in and out in order to make small elements and position them onto the wireframe pane.

Working in retina resolution is easier because you can see things clearer and all you have to do before generating the prototype is to go to the “Mobile/Device” section and set the initial scale to 0.5 (iPhone 5s) or 0.586 (iPhone 6) or 1.5 for iPhone 6 Plus instead of the default 1. The prototype will fit perfectly in the iPhone’s screen and you will not need to resize any element.

When resizing groups of widgets in Axure, things go weird in many cases, therefore I created the library at the exact dimensions so that you don’t need to resize anything. Just remember to set the initial scale to:

  • iPhone 5s: Initial scale 0.5
  • iPhone 6: Initial scale 0.586
  • iPhone 6 Plus: Initial scale 1.5



May 24, 2015
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