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Axure Android UI Design Widget Library

axure-android-widget-libraryThe design of Android is focused on three goals: enchanting, simple and amazing. This is basically their creative vision and all their default user interface elements are achieving these goals.

This is why we created an Android Design Library that is based on the Holo Dark and Light Widgets defined in the Design section of the official Android website. They are standardized in MDPI (baseline) and are created shape by shape having the proper interaction styles.

The design principles presented here are keeping the user’s best interest in mind and therefore they are a good place to start when designing for Android.

Android powers millions of devices with different screen sizes therefore it is a real challenge to create scalable designs that will look great on any phone or tablet. Due to these challenges, our experience taught us that the proper way to start an app design is to create the first wireframes and prototypes based on the default UI elements defined by the Android User Experience Team.

When designing for multiple screens, you have to have in mind the DPI, the width, height and you have to stick to the general app structure. This is why you need to have a strategy such as starting from the baseline (normal size, MDPI) and then scale it up or down to match the other sizes.

Please note that the library can be opened and used only in Axure 7 as the inner shadows, outer glows, and many other extras are not present in older versions such as 6.5 or below. To download Axure RP 7 please visit http://www.axure.com.

The font family used in the widget library is Roboto and the specific font styles that were used are Regular, Medium and Light. You can download them here.

May 24, 2015
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